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The Hank&Sammy duo was born in 2003. Enrico Marazzi (voice, guitar and harmonica) has had various experiences covering different roles, keyboardist, drummer, guitarist, singer. He had successfully performed in Italy, England, Switzerland and Spain, when finally took up studying voice at the Music Academy of Bologna where he graduated in 2005. Samantha Poletti (voice and percussions) started singing and studying voice very early, being attracted by pop, rock, blues, latin-jazz, having the chance to perform in various groups spanning from big bands, electronics, to solely acoustic duos or trios.

In 2009, after becoming man and wife, they wrote all songs and the soundtrack for

an independent italian movie entitled " Qualcosa da condividere (Something to share) ".

In 2011, during a promotional tour in U.S.A, they signed a contract with Tate Music Group. They worked on their first album throughout 2012 and it has been released on September 17th 2013, influenced by rock, acoustic sound and country rock.

They're happily continuing to compose new songs and instrumental music for the next chance...

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Here Alone


La Petite Langoustine @Rimini
Lookin' for Happiness
La Petite Langoustine @Rimini
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